Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Le Bistrot - Mojacar Playa

Venue:- Le Bistrot

Location :- Mojacar Playa (best Indalo end)

Decided to try French this evening and went to the Le Bistrot restaurant, a small restaurant with both a small outside and small inside seating area, seats very comfortable and the place had a nice ambience about it even though there was only us and another couple dining. The couple who own the place seem to run it between them, the man (French) does the cooking and his wife (Dutch) does the front of house serving the drinks, taking the orders and generally looking after the diners. The menu is small typical French in style and should have something for everyone - we had dinner.

Starters -

Two types of salmon (smoked and gravalax) tartare - two of us started with this and it was delicious, served from a timbale with crispy toast and sour cream and chives. The salmon tartare was very nice, delicately flavoured with herbs and lemon juice, the lemon not overpowering the taste of the salmon.

The other starter was warm goats cheese on rings of toast with a bed of salad with a crushed almond topping - very nice, three rings of cheese, nice salad with an excellent dressing just right for a starter course. I believe the starters were all around 8.50 each.

The mains consisted of ….

I had fresh sea bass fillets which came with a small slice of onion quiche and a very delicious layered potato cake - potato, courgette and tomato I think with a fairly strong hint of basil which really made the taste for me. A very nice dish, fish nicely cooked and presented, accompaniments - delicious.

Then a gigot of lamb with the same extras. We were actually asked how we liked the lamb - very unusual, the French tend to serve as they like it (almost raw!) not how the diner wants it! This was requested pink and sure enough it came pink - it was declared superb.

Lastly plain grilled salmon with the same veggies as the other mains. The salmon was cooked through - yippee, it wasn’t served half done. Once more this was declared very good - if we must complain then we would have liked crispy skin, but never mind we didn’t eat that bit and I am sure had we asked the skin would have been crispied. Mains were around the 14.50 mark.

Desserts ..

We just had to have a go.

I had a trio of desserts with coffee - crème brulee, tart tatin and chocolate cake - delicious.

Crème brulee on its own - very nice.

Lastly Tart Tatin - again very nice (4.50 a pop)

We had a couple of beers to start, some water, coffees and went a bit mad on the wine front - a bottle of Mercurey 2009 for a whopping 26.00!! Well it was worth it, don’t see Mercurey around much and it was nice for a change.

Overall the meal was very good, the service and ambience excellent, the price what we would expect from that type of restaurant. Would we go again? Yup.

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