Monday, 24 October 2011

Rincon Del Puerto (Garrucha)

Venue:- Restaurante Rincon Del Puerto

Location :- Port of Garrucha at the lighthouse

The restaurant is on the beach side of the road overlooking the harbour. It is a large restaurant with an outdoor drink and snack area and outdoor dining area and an inside dining area. The restaurant specializes in the local catch and is well frequented by Spanish people. We went for lunch and ate from the a la carte.


Gazpacho (4.00) - very nice gazpacho, plenty of it and very delicious, loads of red peppers, green peppers, onions and tomatoes - didn’t add the cheapo nasty mini breadsticks, make real croutons - how long does it take? This is probably once of the best gazpachos around. The other was a mixed salad (6.00), very nice plentiful salad with all the usual bits including tuna.


Emperador (15.00) - nice large piece of sword fish done ‘a la plancha’ and served with garlic potatoes and a grilled tomato. The tomato was grilled, lovely, would have liked more! The potato was again lovely with plentiful garlic pieces in it - very nice. The fish cooked perfectly, boneless and skinless and plentiful - very nice. The other was the fish platter twice (20.00 each) - a nice platter consisting of sardines, calamari, baby squid and bocorones - a plentiful plate, nice.

Drinks - Cerveza at 3.50 a pint, normal for this area, water 1.00 coffee at 1.20 and bread at 1.00. The food here is always excellent but I feel it is well overpriced, I have had better tasting, more fish variety and cheaper fritura elsewhere - ie. Sol Y Playa at Carboneras. Still if you are in the area and don’t mind the prices give it whirl it will not disappoint. Total cost for 3 people 83.20.

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