Friday, 14 October 2011

Azeefa Cocina India - Mojacar Playa

Venue:- Azeefa Cocina India

Mojacar Playa (opposite the riding stables and upstairs)

Thought we would give the Indian a whirl tonight and decided to try Azeefa on the Playa. Now after perusing the menu and eyeing the waiters we had a feeling of deja-vu and yet we have never eaten here before! Ah! we believe this to be a sister retaurant of Chili Pizza in Turre which we think is a very nice Indian. The setting is much lighter and airier than in Turre, not sure if the menu is the same or the prices different. But here goes ...

Just had beer and water to drink - a note about the drink - ask for a pint and you get .4 of a litre which is only .7 of a pint and they charge 2.50 for it - fairly standard along the Playa but it isn’t a pint! If you do the sums then it actually works out at 3.57 euros for a pint - VERY expensive, the dearest we have had!

We tried the mixed starters to begin (8.50 for two) and shared them between the three of us - lamb tikka, chicken tikka, sheek kebab, onion bhaji, prawns, vegetable pakora and one meat and vegetable samosa - all very tasty and just tickled the taste buds ready for round two.

Vindaloo chicken (7.10) with pilau rice (2.70) and Bhindi Bhaji (4.50) , tasty vindaloo not too hot with delicious potatoes (aloo) in it. The pilau rice was colourful and very fragrant, the bhindi (okra/ladies fingers) was nicely done and not at all slimy which can happen with okra, altogether a delicious meal.

Chicken Jalfrezi (8.50) with pilau rice - nice sauce medium/hot with tasty chicken and plenty of peppers, onion and tomato - delicious all devoured.

Manchurian chicken (8.50) with a keema nan (2.60) - this is a new one on me, the chicken tikka was served in a medium sauce flavoured with fresh mint giving an altogether different twist - it was superb. The nan bread wasn’t quite what we were used to, but it was nice and soaked up the minty juices well.

The size of the meal was in our opinion perfect, we cleared the plates but to have more would have just been pigging out - a really hungry person may think the portions slightly on the small side - we didn’t.

The only desserts available were a small selection of ice cream - boring! We declined. Coffees followed then a drinkie on the house. When the bill arrived - a very reasonable 64.30, it had three mini magnum ice creams with it, a nice touch and a pleasant change to the usual sweets.

A very nice restaurant, nice setting, we will definitely revisit - shame about the beer rip-off!!

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