Monday, 24 October 2011

Torre Bahia - Mojacar Playa

Venue:- Restaurante Torre Bahia

Location :- Calle Torre Bahia Mojacar Playa

(Off the Playa near The Blue Lagoon)

A nice restaurant a few yards off the main Playa offering a spacious outdoor patio both covered and open and an equally spacious interior. The seating is comfortable and the tables spaced well, it has a nice ambience and the covered outdoor area was full the day we dined - evening a la carte.


Aguacate con Gambas (7.00) - avocado prawns with a nice lot of salad garnish, a very nice satisfying starter with a very tasty avocado and freshly peeled large prawns.

Sopa de champinones (3.75) - mushroom soup - tasty and fresh, nothing more to add.

Revueltos salmon ahumado (5.25) - scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, delicious, a nice sized portion but just one failing for me, balsamic vinegar was sprinkled on the dish, I do not like balsamic vinegar! Never the less the dish was very nice - I ate the bits covered in the balsamic first! Why oh why can a restaurant not serve what it says on the menu, the balsamic could and should have been placed on the table to add as desired.


Platija plancha (7.50) grilled plaice with garlic butter with frittied potatoes carrots and peas. The fish although it was a flat fish was not plaice as we know it, the flesh was too soft and not the right consistency for plaice - it was mostly devoured but the fish declared too soft.

Conejo al Ajillo (8.50) - grilled rabbit with garlic, several chunks of lovely garlic coated rabbit - very nice indeed. Came with the same potatoes, peas and carrots as above. If you don’t mind getting the meat from the bones then give this a whirl it is superb - boneless eaters steer clear!

Parillada de Carne (9.50) mixed grill consisting of steak, chicken, bacon (belly I think) sausage and a fried egg on top - and guess what potatoes, peas and carrots. The meal was a plateful and was very nice, a good size if you are hungry.


Crumble Manzana Caramello (3.50) a nice apple crumble with custard.

Arroz con leche (3.00) a nice warm rice pudding.

Coffees at 1.00, pint beer at 2.50, tubo at 1.50, water at 1.50 and bread x3 .30 each. Had a bottle of Ribera tempranillo from the Moro stable at 14.00

Overall a very nice meal and restaurant the total cost being 71.40 - we will return.

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