Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Titos Beach Bar & Restaurant

Restaurant:- Tito’s beach bar (chirinquito)

Venue:- Mojacar Playa (other end from Commercial centre)

http://bit.ly/titoswebcam (login - TITOS p/w TITOS)

Tito’s beach bar and restaurant has been around for many years, back to the 1960’s I believe when hippies ruled the beaches and everything ‘was peace man’. So why Tito’s - well it the nickname of the owner Jaime (when asking I forgot where I was and thought Hymie, odd for a Jewish person to have a beach bar - oh, ha! Ha! Hymie and Jaime are pronounced the same d’oh!) - well even more surprising he still owns the place ably assisted by Barbara - although I haven’t met the guy apparently he maintains his hippie presence. Another little factoid, I see he has Clive Sarstedt playing on a Sunday afternoon, well again back in England when drinking in my local in Slough I had a pint with his brother Peter - he of Frozen Orange Juice fame - way back in the late sixties I believe. The last sentence was put in for the pleasure of my friends back home, the comment is true, but we have a little in joke about meeting people!

The menu - not much truly Spanish here, a bit of Gazpacho, local fish that sort of thing but all in all a nice menu not too large not too small, something to please everybody.

Starters - ‘Ensalada de pollo curry’ that’s coronation chicken to you and me, with the very mild curry containing pineapple placed atop a salad - different but very satisfying. Only one starter had between the three of us.

Mains - ’Quiche de Puerro y Calabacines’ - leek and courgette quiche which came with a salad - large and homemade quiche - delicious and tasty salad. Next the ’Pinchos de cordero a la plancha con patata asada y ensalada’ - grilled lamb kebabs with jacket potato (the menu says roast but it is jacket - confusion over ’asada’ translation - both are done in the oven. The kebabs were delicious as was the spud and salad. I had that well known Spanish dish ’chile con pavo con arroz’ ’especialidad de la casa’ or Tito’s turkey chilli with rice, very mild containing turkey, red kidney beans, olives, cream and cheese - probably other things as well - it was lovely but it is mild.

Mango ice cream was hailed great, and the macadamia nut and maple syrup tart a joy to eat.

We had warm ciabatta rolls with hommous and aioli to start -ummm, nice!

Beer 3 euros a pint, fresh orange 2 euros all fairly standard along the playa - coffee was 1.30 and declared the best on the Playa!

Cost for three people including drinks 73.80 euros.

A final comment although this is a beach bar (chirinquito) and restaurant it is not what I call a REAL beach bar - it is too posh - hey, ho maybe its back to hippie roots and a wooden shack on the beach with just a cold beer and some local snack or fresh fish cooking on an open fire alongside.

Visit - it is worth it.

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