Tuesday, 11 October 2011

El patio 2000, Maui Beach, Los Olivos, Orsoca, Jamon Jamon, Sol Y Playa


For me this is the best chirinquito ‘beach bar’ along the Playa - its been around for donkeys and is rustic, all types of weathered seating and tables, very comfortable and everything a ‘real’ beach bar should be. Prices typical along the Playa but we go particularly for the Paella - for me it’s the best.


Almost next door to El Patio to its left as you face the beach - had a complete makeover since last year and is now a modern beach bar, very popular seems very busy every day, plenty of observant efficient staff keeps the food and drink coming. Nice two course lunch, again typical prices.


Almost next door to El Patio on its left as you face the Playa - this bar fall between both for modern versus rustic but still has a café feel about it as it has the ubiquitous plastic ‘garden’ furniture. Haven’t eaten here yet just tried it for a drink and ambience - ok. Prices the usual.


On the Playa across from the beach, very nice place, huge choice of Tapas, at least 30 ranging from 1-3 euros, ok not the cheapest around for tapas but good and you won’t be disappointed. There have three or four set menus with something to suit everyone also there is a la carte. The usual phrase - typical prices for the playa - give this a try you will not be disappointed.

ORSOCA (Turre)

Top of Turre high street on the hill to the left as you leave the village. Small but good menu containing local dishes that need to be ordered at least a day in advance - bit of a nuisance if you have just walked in! We had raciones ‘portions’ which were huge. Asking of the Moorish Kebabs - hoe many do you get for 9e? the response was two large sticks - in reality you got NINE! So along with calamares, prawns and scrambled aggs with ham and potatoes we had too much! And took the prawns home in a doggy bag. Line dancing Tuesday and Thursday for the women folk and the chaps or they can have a pint for a mere 2 euros the cheapest I have found. Nice place - try it!

JAMON JAMON (Mojacar Pueblo)

On the edge of the Pueblo as you enter from Turre side - nice food, shame about the price, beer was a whopping 3.50 euros a pint - we will not return!


A truly British place, the only people present were Brits - we went on Friday for the fish & chips and the quiz. Fish and chips ok, bit pricey and quite a small portion you can do better elsewhere. Beer was again only 2 euros per pint. Quiz - start time 08.30, actual 09.30! 60 questions - when did it finish? Just after midnight - way too long AND the barman was helping people with the answers - we know its only friendly but c’mon, play the game. To be fair they had a lot of walk ins that night and were very busy so coping was an issue, but on balance we will not return.

SOL Y PLAYA (Carbonaras)

Very nice restaurant along the beach front towards the desalination plant - very Spanish, very few Brits when we visited and it is a large restaurant and was packed in and out! Little English spoken and menus predominantly in Spanish (English available). Very good varied menu and reasonable prices for a beachfront location. We enjoyed all the food and would recommend a visit, plus it is a nice ride over the mountains from the Playa to get to it. WE will go again.

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