Friday, 14 October 2011

Meson Verfran - Los Gallardos (menu del dia)

Venue :- Meson Verfran

Los Gallardos village

Meson Verfran in Los G. is a typical Spanish bar/restaurant well frequented by the locals. We went for lunch and the ‘menu del dia’ and being Spanish there is no menu, you ask and the menu will be recited - in Spanish! If you do not know the language you will probably struggle as often there are regional dishes which you will not know what it contains - a bit like a Spaniard trying to fathom out shepherds pie, Irish stew or Bakewell tart. The real Spanish restaurants are in my opinion the best for the ‘menu del dias’.

So what did we have …

There were at least 5 or 6 choices for every course …

A plate of mixed salad was put on the table at the start - lettuce, tomato, onion, and tuna and also some crusty bread. The starters consisted of two local dishes of which I do not know the names but were .. Firstly an egg soup which contained vermicelli and bacon and of course egg - very eggy taste that I thought was superb, my partner was not so keen. The other dish consisted of tripe, belly pork and chick peas in a broth and was declared very tasty (not my cup of tea!).

For mains we had the house croquettes - five in all very creamy with bacon and potato the others had roast chicken pieces with chips and roasted peppers and maybe some other veggies (can’t remember). All quite satisfied.

Desserts consisted of home made lemon mousse - light and quite tangy.

The meal was accompanied by a couple of pints, water and coffee to follow.

Everything all inclusive was just 10 euros each - an absolute bargain.

Brush up your Spanish and give a try, hopefully it will not disappoint.

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