Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fantasia - Mojacar Playa

Venue:- Restaurante Fantasia

Location:- Mojacar Playa


Phone:- 950 475 127

Fantasia is a beach front restaurant and bar situated along the Playa at the Best Hotel Indalo end. The restaurant was given a makeover last year and looks very good with its black and red d├ęcor and table linen. This restaurant probably does have one of the best views out to sea from the playa as it is set just back off the beach with bushes directly outside the large panoramic windows, then the cycle path, more shrubbery then the promenade more shrubbery then onto the beach with swaying palms - very nice.

We went for lunch and ate from the a la carte (menu del dia was 10.95).

Starters -

Caprese salad (7.95) - a plentiful plate of tomato. Onion and mozzarella cheese drizzled with olive oil. A very nice dish, well presented and very tasty.

Ensalada Cesar (8.95) - A Very nice Caesar salad with chicken pieces, plenty of it ideal as a main dish if not too hungry - all devoured.

Finally a deep fried brie (5.00) with sweet chilli dip and small salad - delicious brie cooked just right, not so hot it burned the mouth, nice sweet chilli sauce - sweet with a nice chilli bite. The side salad complemented it well.

Mains -

Do it myself pizza (9.75), a basic margarita with added double hot pepperoni and Roquefort (heart attack special! Its to die for!) - ate the lot, the pepperoni was ‘real’ hot pepperoni, not the often served cheap salami style pepperoni - I fancied pizza and it did the trick.

Escalope Milanese (13.95) - two huge pieces of thin veal coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried - delicious but it was a lot and it came with spaghetti and tomato sauce which went well with the veal.

Linguini Marisco (13.95) a simple pasta with large prawns and drizzled with chilli oil - very nice and nice hot chilli oil - rated the best so far.

We dipped out on the desserts as we all had had enough with the previous courses.

We had beer Mahou at 3.00, water at 1.75 and coffees at 1.50 each.

Total cost of the meal 76.30 - very good for what we had, in a nice setting - we will be back.

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