Monday, 3 October 2011

Meson El Que Faltaba Thursday 29th September

Meson El Que Faltaba - Mojacar Playa - 950 478 846

This Spanish owned 'meson' (Inn) has been around a few years and the staff now speak English! The restaurant has a sister meson in Turre (Pobre) and the Argentinian Parilla (grill) a few doors away on the Playa - The cabana along further is another Parilla - different owners. There is the usual setup with tables set both inside and out with the outside tables capable of being well protected from the elements - tonight they were needed as the heavens dumped a huge amount of water on us during the evening.
The food - there are a couple of set menus as long as two people share the same menu - why? the food is nothing special so why can't just one person have it? Then there is the a la carte from which we chose and also a section with raciones (portions). The 'free' bread,  toppings and dips cost 50 cents per person this year, and the manchengo topping replaced with cheese slices (Spanish dairylea - Ugh!) and the Jamon replaced with mortadella (double Ugh!) but the dips were nice.
The starters - 2 x gazpacho, goods bits to add, but lose a point or two with cheapo mini, mini breadsticks - c'mon use real bread and make real croutons. The soup was actually very, very nice and would be had again. The other starter was calamari fritti, nicely fried with a light batter (almost tempura - maybe it was!) and not at all rubbery - a success.
The mains - Emperador (swordfish) - lovely, patatas fritas - superb, and grilled tomato and courgettes - altogether a nice dish. Then a shared fish platter containing all the usual suspects - sardines, prawns, calamari, boccarones, quid to name what I remember served with half a jacket potato each - microwaved! why oh why! The puds were all homemade, the breadpudding was nice but have had better, the flan again nice but nothing special.
Drinks - Cafe con leche 1e, tubo 1.50e, pinta 2.50e, wine 1e glass. total cost for three people 64 euros of which 11 euros was drink.
Value for money - yes, very fair for the Playa, we will return but will try the one in Turre next and then the Pariila.

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