Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Portofino restaurante - Mojacar Playa

Venue :- Pizzeria Portofino

Location :- Marina Nuevo Siglo - Mojacar Playa

(on the beach side of the road)

Phone:- 950 47 28 09



Restaurant Portofino is a narrowish restaurant with plastic tables and chairs outside on the road side, then a bar area, then a tastefully decorated interior dining section followed by a fairly large exterior covered dining section right on the beach - we chose to eat inside as it was a bit blowy outside, but others didn’t seem to mind. The restaurant says it is a pizzeria - which it is - but it also a proper restaurant with pasta dishes, meat and fish dishes too. We had a la carte lunch.

Ham and Melon (8.00) - a nice plateful of Serrano ham and juicy white fleshed melon - very tasty and quite filling. Saquitos de hojaldre rellenos (9.00) - small deep fried filo ‘sacks’ with different fillings, hammy ones, herby ones and fishy ones but all were all highly spiced with oregano - very delicious I thought. Really they are a variation of the croquetas that you get everywhere - beware the ones that are not homemade! Ahumados Variados (14.00) a very, very tasty selection of smoked fish - anchovies, smoked salmon, smoked white fish (not sure what) and smoked tuna and it came with capers and finely diced onion with a balsamic dressing.

For mains we had - ravioli de carne fiorent (8.50) a big plateful of meaty ravioli in a very herby (oregano again), mushroom and courgette sauce - the sauce was superb, the ravioli ok - did they make the ravioli themselves? I think not, but am willing to be corrected on this. The other two meals were both Pollo Asado (9.00). This was declared a hit! The chicken (half a bird) was well roasted with crispy skin but retained its moistness. The potato was a baked spud which came with a small amount of mixed roasted peppers in a garlic.

Too full for desserts!

Café solo (1.20), Con Leche (1.50) Agua con Gas (1.50) and cerveza (2.80) pint.

A very nice restaurant which we will happily visit again - total cost for three people 74.40.

Note - they have a sister restaurant in Mojacar Pueblo - La Muralla - 950 47 29 28

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