Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Orsoca - Turre

Venue :- Orsoca Restaurant and Bar

Location:- Turre - on the hill at the top end of Turre

This has been a favourite of ours for about four years now but each year we have called there has been a change of owners - this year was no exception! The restaurant itself is split into four areas, there is a nice front patio looking out to the high street, then into a long bar area, straight ahead from the bar is a rear dining area and to the right of all this a larger dining area which is used on a Tuesday and Thursday evening for line dancing - there is still plenty of room for diners in the rear room. They have a menu del dia for an extremely reasonable 8 euros - 3 courses, bread and a drink - very good value.

We chose to eat at a lunchtime and ate from the a la carte menu - a plentiful choice, something to please everyone.

Starters:- I had a cheese omelette with a nice sized side salad (3), nicely cooked good sized omelette for a starter, nice mixed salad with just enough dressing for me. The other starter was a mixed large salad (4), a nice large plateful of iceberg lettuce, tomato, sweet corn, carrot, olives and asparagus - delicious, crisp and crunchy - it couldn’t be fresher - it does come with tuna but this diner preferred it without.

Mains :- Emperador (Swordfish) (9) a favourite of the diner! Served with chips and green pepper with a drizzle of garlic butter. Very nice portion, nice hot chips, crispy on the outside fluffy in the middle - what more can one ask! Fish cooked as we like it - all in all very delicious.

I had Mediterranean Merluza (Hake) (7) - This was a lovely piece of hake cross cut so you still had the central bone and skin around it - easily removed from the bone and nicely cooked. It came with several clams - which I love, I could eats hundreds and lots of small prawns (shrimps) which although a bit fiddly to peel were truly sweet and fresh - again I could eat hundreds! The whole lot was served in a large soup bowl in a creamy sauce - not too rich though. The one thing I would have liked was a plate to put the peelings, shells and bones onto and also a finger bowl to clean up after the prawns - ok, that’s two things - I have a tongue in my head I could have asked but I didn’t - enough said.

Desserts:- Both at 3 euros - Rice with lemon and cinnamon, a very nice dish the sweetness countered by the lemon - very nice. Lemon Sorbet - yup! A nice sorbet.

Coffees @ 1.20, juice @ 1.50, beer @ 2.00, glass of red @ 2.50 - bread is inclusive and not charged!

Total cost for the two of us was 37.40 - a very reasonable price for a very nice meal. The restaurant had both Spanish and English dining, the chef is Spanish the only other member of staff doing all the running around English. We will definitely return to this place - give it a try it will not disappoint.

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