Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Restaurante Andalucia - Garrucha

Venue:- Restaurante Andalucia

Location:- Paseo Malecon Garrucha

Just along the front from Mojacar when you reach Garrucha

Not having eaten in Garrucha for a while so thought we would give it go today (Sunday) for lunch. We stopped at the first restaurant we came to regardless and plonked ourselves down on a table for two right on the edge of the road! I could have reached out and shaken the hands of passengers in passing cars it was that close to the edge! The outside area is typical along the front at Garrucha - a few (or more) sheltered tables right on the road with a passage way through for pedestrians between the tables and the restaurant itself - allowing the waiters to attempt to draw you in - a task they were very good at, I reckon without their co-ertion the restaurant would have been empty!

We only fancied a light lunch but the menu is predominantly fish - fresh, as one would expect. The special of the day was a fish platter consisting of a sea bream, sea bass, prawns, mussels, clams and squid with a drink thrown in at 30 euros for two - a reasonable price I thought although I didn’t see anybody with this dish. We settled for a seafood paella (20.00) for two, it consisted of 2 langoustines, 2 prawns, 3 mussels, 5 clams, lots of quid legs and a small amount of white fish and of course the rice! The paella was very tasty but no better than anywhere else and quite frankly I thought they were very stingy with the shell fish, we normally are left with piles of shells from other places although with the prawns and langoustines two of each is normal, but c’mon at least half a dozen mussels each and more clams.

For dessert had the usual Flan (3.50) , no better, no worse than anyway. Pina (4.00) - fresh pineapple, a bit pricey for a slice of fresh pineapple. CafĂ© con leche at 1.50 and solo at 1.50 and bread at .75 each. Fresh orange juice @ 2.00 and Beer at a whopping 4.00 a ½ litre! Wow! And double wow! The dearest I have paid since being in Spain - even the four star Melia hotels and Crown Plaza hotels charge less!

Total cost of the meal was 43.50 euros

Overall the meal was only average and the price too expensive and the location - not great. Have only eaten in Garrucha twice since being here and both times I have thought it too expensive - probably my last report from Garrucha.

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