Sunday, 20 November 2011

Miraflores at Camping Los gallardos

Venue:- Miraflores Restaurant and Bar

Location:- Camping Los Gallardos

The restaurant and bar are open to non residents of Camping Los Gallardos which is situated just along the road from the village of Los Gallardos. The restaurant itself is a large ‘L’ shaped room with an adjoining bar and a large room for functions set at a slightly lower level. The residents are all British and the restaurant menu reflects this although I am told that they do have Spanish food (paella) sometimes.

Six of us dined this evening and only sampled the main courses although both starters and desserts were available. Two people had the gammon with chips one with a pineapple ring the other a fried egg on top. Nice size, well cooked gammon which was rather nice the chips were plentiful and crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Two others had the salmon - portions varied a lot here - one piece of salmon was twice the size of the other! The salmon was cooked through and tasty and was served with new potatoes and peas or salad - both had salad which was a fairly small portion. The next meal was ‘the pie of the day’ - beef and onion served with mashed potatoes and a selection of vegetables, it was ok with the main comment being where is the onion? The final meal was chicken curry and rice - again ok, but very average. To complete the average, the price was that as well - they claim the pint at 2.20 is the cheapest around - well I know several places (not on the Playa) where it is only 2.00 euros. Oh! They also have a pizza menu.

Overall the meals here cater to the Brits on site , and why not there are a lot of them and so give them what they want - unfortunately its not what I want! I come to Spain for the Spanish lifestyle and that includes the culture, food and language - for me if you want to live in a British ‘compound’ and not integrate then stay in Britain - rant over! Do what you like, its your life, enjoy it!

On a positive note on a Friday they do fish and chips - now this is very, very good, you need to book for this - the last couple of times we visited they had 110 one night and 125 the other all having the very large fish and nicely cooked chips.

Finally this is not the restaurant for me (except fish and chips) but if you are in the Los Gallardos area and fancy chatting to a load of Brits about the weather back home while eating a reasonable priced meal - the menu is in English only, then go for it.

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