Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Casa Adelina - Turre

Venue:- Casa Adelina

Location:- Top of Turre main street ( on the hill)

Casa Adelina has been around a long while and we have liked it in the past so we thought it was time for another visit. The restaurant sits on the hill as you leave Turre heading away from Mojacar towards the motorway. There is a large outdoor seating area with comfortable chairs - didn’t go inside so I am unable to comment on the interior. We had lunch from the a la carte.

Starters consisted of Sardines grilled (7.00) - four nice sized sardines delicious and fresh, a perfect start. Soup with noodles and chicken (5.00) - a light chicken broth with small noodles and chicken breast, again a nice light starter. Garlic bread with garlic and salt (1.00 per person).

Mains were ternera salsa champinones (9.00) - a delicious veal casserole in a nice mushroom sauce with a small side of roasted red and green peppers and scalloped potatoes - very tasty, two of us had this dish and both devoured it all ---- the local cat did try a small piece of veal! The other main was Pollo Plancha (9.00) - this consisted of a large flattened chicken breast grilled and covered in garlic sauce again served with the peppers and scalloped potatoes - very nice, difficult to get it wrong - Pollo Asado (roasted chicken) is still the favourite of this diner though. The scalloped potatoes were nice crispy and garlicky and liked by all diners.

Desserts were the house flan(3.00), good but no better than most places and chocolate mousse(4.00) which was very nice.

CafĂ© solo (1.10), con leche (1.20), agua con gas (1.00) - for ½ litre, Cerveza (2.60 pint)

Total cost for three people 65.90 - very reasonable I thought for what we had.

Just something to note, the restaurant was full and we were the only Brits - if the Spanish like it then it must be good and good value. One further point most tables had a plateful of snails in tomato sauce to share - we didn’t try them but the locals seemed to love ‘em.

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