Monday, 21 November 2011

El Olivo - Mojacar Playa

Venue:- El Olivo

Mojacar Playa

El Olivo is situated along the Playa from the Commercial Centre just past the chirinquitos of Maui Beach and Patio 2000 across the road from the beach. It is quite a small place with outside seating on a raised balcony and a smallish interior with about 10 tables inside with a bar and views through to a kitchen prep area and the kitchen itself. The restaurant is very neat and tidy and is run by a very nice friendly couple - I believe he may be Belgium and she Dutch, not sure though! We have dined here several times already but mostly from the extensive tapas menu of over 30 dishes - very nice and highly recommended. Today though we eating from the recently updated winter menu. There are two set menus - one for 9 euros, three courses drinks not included or one for 12 euros, two courses with coffee and water, a dessert can be added for a further 3 euros. Also there is a full a la carte to choose from.

We had three meals from the 9 menu and one from the 12.

Starters - warm goats cheese on a bed of salad (x2), three pieces of mild goats cheese on a tastefully dressed salad - very nice. Deep fried camembert (x1) this was delicious 2 pieces of camembert coated in like a nutty crumb and deep fried, the diner wanted more but had to resist because of what was to follow. My starter of Eggs, spinach and bacon (from the 12 menu) consisted of two lightly poached eggs served on a bed of creamed spinach and decorated with strips of bacon - very, very nice a rather large but superb starter.

Mains - Rabbit and chips - several pieces of nicely done rabbit as expected on the bone and plentiful chips made for a nice main. The second choice was Beouf Bourgignon with rice, a plentiful plateful with tender beef in a delicious gravy. Third choice was Coq au Vin again served with rice, delicious chicken in a very tasty red wine sauce. My choice (from the 12) was sole meuniere - a lovely large sole cooked to perfection with butter and a plateful of chips - really nice. All main courses were accompanied with very delicious sweet carrots - a family secret recipe I am told! Oh! Almost forget bread was plentiful and not charged for.

Desserts - I had cheese (had to pay extra 3 as I was on the 12 menu) which consisted of a requested blue cheese and brie and some cream crackers - very nice cheese, it would have been nice to have some varied crackers, an observation really not a complaint. The homemade chocolate mousse was to die for and the giant profiteroles equally good. Pints coffee and water accompanied the meal.

Total cost for all food and drink came to 49.80 euros - excellent value for money!

As said before we have been here often and will continue to frequent this place as it is consistently good and offers a friendly service with a nice ambience to complement the always delicious food.

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