Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Venta El Molina - Mojacar Playa/Carboneras Road

Venue :- Venta El Molino

Location :- On the road between Mojacar Playa and Carboneras about five miles past Hotel Indalo.

Sunday - where shall we go for a typical Spanish lunch? Well we settled for The ‘Venta El Molino’ a typical Spanish place with only Spaniards eating, the restaurant is basically a large square box with lots of seating and an outside seating area. No menu! Everything is read out, but as it was Sunday the choice was barbecue or barbecue. All meat choices nothing else - cavemen rejoice! The beef and lamb was 22 euros and the pork, rabbit and chicken was 20 euros - we had a plate of each except the rabbit.

The price included a salad starter, bread and oil/aioli, the meat, a homemade dessert and all you could drink - fatal in our case!

The meat was very plentiful and a doggy bag was needed to transport home the leftovers - the local dog charity has never had it so good! Everybody enjoyed the meat which was all cooking nicely on the barbecue. We decided to have wine with the meal - beer was bottled Estrella Levante - started off with a very large carafe of red, followed by a second very large carafe of red followed by yet another carafe of red wine - Yes! I managed to stay awake that evening and watched television, next morning was a bit rough though.

Desserts consisted of a very nice homemade bread pudding, El Flan and an almond sponge cake - all served with what appeared to be a wedge of Vienetta ice cream. All very nice.

All in all the meal was an absolute caveman feast, a meat lovers dream come true - unlimited drink proved our downfall. The place was buzzing with Spaniards of all types a table of ten blokes, a family or two with children, mixed groups of all ages.

You do not need to speak Spanish our waitress was very good at English, but all other servers were Spanish only.

Highly recommended if you want a meat feast - vegetarians keep out!

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