Monday, 12 September 2011

Mezzaluna restaurant, Sunninghill - Saturday September 10th

Venue:-            Mezzaluna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

Telephone:-            01344 876200


This restaurant was written up a couple of weeks back and so we will go straight onto the food with a brief interlude to mention the staff – this visit was at a weekend and therefore the restaurant was much busier than the previous early week visit and the atmosphere and ambience much enhanced. Three girls on this evening a cheeky young girl doing the drinks, who made ordering and serving the drinks very pleasurable, our ‘Spanish’ singing waitress who had no time to sing along tonight – Sinatra and ‘Dino’ playing in the background – and the main girl, all efficiency and friendliness rolled into one.

Three guests, three courses, aperifs, wine and coffee – cost unknown (I wasn’t paying!)


Deep fried Goats cheese with a homemade pesto, nice portion beautifully cooked and was declared delicious. Then a starter from the specials, baked aubergine with melted mozzarella, yet another success story. Finally my choice of mushrooms with garlic sauce topped with melted cheese – should come with a ‘hot’ warning, take care when eating – it was delicious. On the ‘hot’ thing c’mon it has been in an oven and has a bubbling sauce with melted cheese – this is not McDonalds, you don’t need to be told ‘warning this dish is hot’!

Mains :-

Tagliatelle Mezzaluna – sounds like one of the house pastas to me! Tomatoes, chicken, mushrooms, basil and garlic sauce. Plentiful dish full of flavour, couldn’t quite finish it – doggy bag? No dog so didn’t bother. I had the Veal Satimboca, I am rather partial to veal so this was a bit of an acid test – how would it stand up? Well I had three large pieces of veal, with sage and then parma ham on top with a sage gravy – best I have had in ages! Potatoes and veggies of the day accompanied it – roast potatoes, French beans, broccoli and some roasted veggies. The third meal was from the specials – lamb wrapped in pancetta (that’s bacon!) and stuffed with anchovies and tomatoes. You hate anchovies – well trust me when done like this and used as a stuffing you do not actually taste any anchovy but the combination was superb and received a mighty 10/10 – I never give ten, there is always room for improvement.

Dessert :-

All homemade from the trolley – a warm apple pie, profiteroles and a crème brulee – all devoured with gusto – even though we were a bit full.

This was all washed down with a couple of Peronis to start and an orange juice, a bottle of Barolo at a whopping (I thought) £35.00 – and I didn’t think the wine was up to much. The The usual coffees were had plus a couple of glasses of wine –house red, have something else! and house white wine – fine. As I always say this is a food review and not a wine review if ‘you’ like a wine it is good, if you don’t it is bad. For wine buffs try Italian wine called Biferno preferably the 2004  if you can get it, you won’t find it in the supermarkets though.

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