Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hyns Chinese Restaurant, South Ascot. Saturday 20th August

Venue:-            Hyns Chinese Restaurant 
Telephone:-            01344 872583 

Hyns is a large spacious Chinese restaurant situated in South Ascot at the station end of a small parade of shops. The restaurant has been in existence since 1988, so they must be getting something right. The exterior is inviting and very smart, suggesting a more upmarket Chinese, the interior has a modern feel about it, with plenty of table space including several round tables for larger groups – something that appeals to me, a group of say eight people on a long table is not as nice as the same group on a round table. There is a small bar near the entrance and a piano just inside the restaurant proper. The staff are both friendly and polite, attentive yet not overbearing, service efficient yet not hurried – just the right amount of time between courses.

The menu is fairly large and has about 23 starters £6.50 - £8.50 average. Gourmet mixed starters were £16 for two. Soups come in at £3.80 except crab and shark fin which is £8.50. Crispy duck is £19.00 for half. There are about 40 main dishes – poultry, meat, sizzlers and seafood mostly around £7.20. Fish dishes are £8.95 with items such as Sea bass and Lobster coming in at market price. Veggie dishes around £4.50 - £6.50 and rice and noodles £3 - £6. There is also a Thai menu and several set menu meals for groups of 2 or more people. House wine is £14.50 a bottle and comes under the names of “Wan Fu” and “Lai Ying” , both from that famous Chinese area known as Chile in South America!

What did we eat – seven of us, chose from the a la carte.

House gourmet mixed starters, consisting of Spring Rolls, sesame prawn toast (lots of it!), crispy filo pastry with sweet and sour sauce (whats that all about?) spare ribs, a filo tartlet with a nice mixture of chicken and other things in it and crispy seaweed. The starters were received well and all were devoured  - my personal opinion would be to not have the mixed starters choose your own from the menu, too much prawn toast (nice as it was), sweet and sour filo, to me that is a nothing food! The crispy seaweed was strangely sweet. The tartlets and spring rolls were superb though.
Crispy duck next – we had half between us and it was plentiful, moist and very tasty, served as always shredded on a large plate with all the usual accompaniments and unusually the bones were not left with the meat – did not plan on eating the bones anyway.
The mains – twice fried pork and peppers and veg, Mongolian lamb, chicken and cashew nuts, sweet and sour pork, Thai curry, pork with chilli and onions and finally beef in a black bean sauce and served with egg rice and some Singapore noodles. We ate the lot! Any complaints, well one person was not too keen on the Mongolian lamb and that’s about it – we all enjoyed the meal. It was all washed down with aperitifs of the usual Tsing Tao Chinese beer, orange juice, still and sparkling water and not to mention a bottle of Fleurie (complemented the food well) and a bottle of Pouilly Fume, followed by Jasmine teas and flower teas – not tried them? Give ‘em a go if you like green tea or oolong you will like this.

Overall I would say the meal was a great success and we will definitely call again – in fact we have been to the Sunday buffet a few times and it is an absolute bargain (£15.50 – I think) , with loads to choose from and excellent quality. I reckon it worked out at about £40.00 a head but we did have the full works. So, if you fancy a very good Chinese meal and you are in the Ascot area look up Hyns.

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